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    chris finlay

    A Call To All Warriors

    After hitting soul-sucking burnout many years ago, I embarked on a wild journey of personal transformation giving rise to The Modern Warrior. Guiding hundreds of entrepreneurs through their own transformative journeys of growth has been nothing short of a privilege. I’m not claiming to have all the answers, because I don’t…But I have seen time and time again what works, what doesn’t work… And what’s fundamentally necessary to turn a powerful vision into a living breathing reality. My hope is that you use the tools shared here to empower your own life… To bring forth the gifts that you have to offer the world… To impact others through your story and to affect change in the world in your own unique way. As we approach one of the most critical stages in the history of humanity, now more than ever authentic warriors are needed not just to lead the way, but to embody the change the world so desperately needs.

    There you stand at the edge,
    Drawn by the force of the mission ahead,
    Teeming with purpose, a message to convey,
    A new bold self dares to play,
    But tales of old cling like a curse,
    A voice inside begins to rehearse,
    Who am i to stand up tall,
    Won't they think me a fraud so small?

    Doubt takes hold and grips you tight,
    You turn from the edge like the black of night,
    Your true story left untold,
    Frozen inside you begin to turn cold,
    Years of feeling unworthy and weak,
    The moment passes, you cannot speak,
    The stories that kept you safe and sound,
    Have now become chains that hold you bound,

    The time has come to let them go,
    But they're hidden beneath deep below,
    The only way beyond this spell,
    Is to follow the road to dark of hell,
    There in the fire I'll wait for you,
    As you burn the old and cast anew,
    For freedom awaits on the other side,
    Here your voice and courage abide.

    As you begin to let go you see the light,
    The phoenix preps his wings for flight,
    Thunder begins to murmur beneath,
    A roar lets out as you finally unleash,
    You were never weak nor small,
    You were born for the good of all.
    You were always there just hidden from view,
    Now you step forward born anew,
    Scars remain as wisdom pours,
    You've walked the walk now the world is yours.

    The Illusion of Limitation, A Poem by Chris Finlay


    There's life before the modern warrior and there's life after it for me. I don't think there's anything more powerful than waking up and thinking to yourself, shit, I get to do exactly the thing that I know I meant to be doing. it's brought me a new way of life, a new way of thinking and loads of clients as well, It's the greatest gift that you could ever give yourself. Just jump off and get on the right side of the fence.

    Sam Goldfinch, Liverpool UK